US news - 25/10/2021

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US news - 25/10/2021

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In Britain, they called for a ban on rallies and pickets for opponents of vaccination near school buildings. This statement was made by the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, BBC News reports.

According to the Labor leader, local authorities should have the right to close access to schools for anti-vaccinators. This will help to stop the spread of "dangerous misinformation" and strengthen the fight against COVID-19. "The vaccination rate among children is too low, and the government is reacting slowly," explained Starmer's desire to drive the protesters away.

According to a survey by the Association of School and College Leaders, eight out of ten schools in the United Kingdom have been targeted by demonstrators opposing coronavirus vaccination. In some cases, school staff were required to access the websites of educational institutions, and sometimes even threatened with physical violence.

In Guatemala, on October 5, more than 500 opponents of vaccination attacked medical staff and destroyed several dozen doses of vaccinations.

In France, former servicemen were accused of preparing attacks on vaccination centers and warehouses of coronavirus drugs. The men were sure that the vaccines were created to "enslave the population for the benefit of the new corrupt world order."

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